Getting a job in Australia

Review of Travellers at Work (TAW) a company that assist travellers in finding employment.

Getting a job in Australia can be a frustrating task for someone from overseas. The challenge is a Working Holiday Visa only allows you to work for 6 months for one employer. Many employers are not interested in someone who can only work 6 months. On the other hand many employers love backpackers and some would simply not survive without them - 6 months works great. Its also is great for you too, so you can travel!

So how do you get these jobs?

At Jobaroo, we encourage employers to place free jobs on this website. We do get some great jobs, but its not the whole picture. Therefore we have decided that the best thing we can do is find some of the best ways to ensuring you get great work.

Travellers at Work (TAW) is a company who have a service aimed at backbackers. For a small fee, you get access to a database of jobs well suited to the working holiday visa. The service works well because they have a team that maintain a database of active jobs. Backpacker jobs are usually short term which is great enabling you to move around and see the country if you want to.

Why charge you a small fee?

Your fee goes to help pay the team that updates the database of jobs. Traditional recruitment companies charge the employer and not you the employee. However, backpacker jobs are different. Because the working holiday visa restricts employment with one employer to 6 months this means you might be working for one employer for one month Sydney, another for six weeks in the Outback and so on. These short duration jobs are great for you to travel but also mean there is very little a company can pay to a recruitment agency.

So how does it work for you?

After you pay the fee you get access to their database of thousands of jobs. They have a six month or twelve month option, for $69 or $89.

You can then set up multiple online resumes, which is great if you want to apply to different jobs. For example, you may want to have a resume for fruitpicking when you are in rural areas and another for bar jobs throughout Australia. 

It then simply becomes a matter of applying for jobs when and where you like. They also have many jobs that are suitable to get your 2nd year visa.

Apart from access to the jobs database you also get Free Bank account and Tax File Number set-up. $10 discount of RSA, RSG and white card training (if required). They also offer 30mins free internet time in there offices in the centre of Sydney, which is a great way to get the job search going. 

They offer 6 month and 12 month options - its up to you

12-months access - $89 AUD

6-months access - $69 AUD

  • Thousands of jobs, just for travellers!
  • Multiple online resumes for employers to view
  • Free Bank Account setup & Tax File Number setup
  • 6-month Resume Review service
  • Travellers Discount Card
  • 140-page Australian Harvest Guidebook
  • 1/2 hr Free Internet daily at TAW Sydney
  • $10 Discount on RSA, RCG & White Card Courses
  • Tax refund & 2nd-year visa extension advice


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