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For the working traveller with a bit more experience under their belt, temporary secretarial jobs (and travelling personal assistant jobs) are a fantastic option. Secretarial jobs generally pay slightly higher than general office admin jobs and the roles are usually a little more challenging; previous secretarial experience is also often required.

Standard requirements of all types of secretaries are:



Register with recruitment agencies AND Apply to specific positions

Note on Timeframes: Apply to specific job postings up to two years before you arrive. You will need a work visa.

What is the pay like for temporary secretarial jobs?

Working as a secretarial temp in Australia you will normally be paid on an hourly or daily basis. Most temporary job agencies provide a weekly payroll service for the agency who deposits your pay into your bank account. The procedure for being paid normally involves filling in a timesheet, getting it signed by your workplace manager and then faxing it to your agency.

The table below lists estimated earnings in Australia Dollars (AUD$). Note that these are city rates and that secretarial temp work in regional or rural Australia may not pay as highly. Also note that rates will depend on experience and can vary considerably between the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Job Title

Hourly Rate
General Secretary $20 - $24

Legal Secretary

$24 - $30
Medical Secretary $22 - $28
Personal / Executive Assistant $18 - $22
Senior Personal / Executive Assistant $24 - $28
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Do I need qualifications to find temporary secretarial jobs?

It is unlikely that you will require a qualification to find temporary secretarial jobs in Australia – ‘on the job’ experience is usually valued much more by employers. Having said this, holding a certificate in Business, Medical Health or Legal Administration will be advantageous if you have limited practical experience. If you do have an administrative or secretarial qualification make sure to include this on your resume, as it could be a factor that sets you above other candidates. Obtaining industry-approved certificates will be particularly useful in finding healthcare secretarial jobs.

Note: In Australia there are Nationally Accredited Certificates for people wishing to find jobs in Medical Health or Legal Administration, however, it is normally not mandatory for employees to hold these. This is especially true for temporary workers who already have some experience in their home country.

What are the main duties performed by General, Legal and Medical Secretaries? 

General Secretaries

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Legal Secretaries

 Medical Secretaries

In Australia, Medical Secretaries can work in public and private hospitals, medical centres and private medical practices.

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What are the main duties performed by Personal/ Executive Assistants?

Daily duties carried out by Executive and Personal Assistants are many and varied, depending on the type of business or organisation the role is with. Generally speaking, the regular tasks performed by Executive and Personal Assistants are:


Additional general requirements of Executive and Personal Assistants are:

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