Jobaroo Privacy Policy

This Policy applies to Jobaroo (ABN BN98001350). The policy explains what information is collected and how Jobaroo uses the personal information it collects. The policy was created because we value the privacy of the people who use Jobaroo directly through or through a third party.

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From 25 May 2018 we will not be accepting applications from individuals in the EU. Please apply to jobs and register when you arrive in Australia.

1. Information Jobaroo collects and what it does with that information

ii. Registering with Agencies
When you register with agencies you will be asked to log in or fill out a form. The information you provide on this form or from your file is then made available to the recruitment agencies or companies with whom you have registered. Apart from you and Jobaroo no other agency, company or service provider will have access to any of your personal information. When you update your file at a latter time the agencies or companies may have access to your updated information. This will help you to secure a position most suited to your needs and requirements. You can deactivate and delete your records at any time so that Agencies and Companies cannot view your personal information. Please email us if you wish to deactivate and delete your records.

2. Security of Information

Jobaroo takes all reasonable efforts to ensure the information we hold is secure. However breaches of security on websites of this kind can occur. In that instance Jobaroo take all reasonable steps to fix the breach as quickly as possible and to inform those members affected of the nature of the information affected by the security breach. To assist, you may change your password at any time by logging in. Only you and Jobaroo can change the information held. You can change it at any time. Jobaroo will only change your details if you have advised us of changes by telephone or email. You can view and modify any of your personal information held at any time. Please keep your password and username secure. We cannot control and hold no liability for the use of information by any of our recruitment partners. For our recruitment partners to get access to any of your information you must choose to apply to a job of theirs or register with their agency or company. Please advise us immediately if you believe there has been a breach of security.

3. Contact Details

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about Jobaroo Privacy Policy.

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