Labouring Jobs in Australia

Along with fruit picking and farm work, labouring is one of the most popular backpacking jobs in Australia. This is mainly because it is easily accessible at entry-level and labouring in certain parts of Australia will also help you get a second working holiday visa.

Skilled Labour

If you have a trade it should be relatively easy to get a job in Australia, as there is a big labour shortage. People with trades including welding, plastering, carpentry, painting and plumbing are all in high demand in Australia.

Most of these trades are listed on the Australian Government’s Skilled Occupation List, which could result in you getting sponsored or gaining a skilled migrant visa, so you stay even longer in Australia. 

General/Unskilled Labour

Don’t worry if you don’t have a skill or trade, as there is still a lot of general labouring work in Australia. The main role of a general labourer is to assist tradesmen. General labouring work includes:

o Carrying materials/tools
o Cleaning areas for painting
o Using wheelbarrows to clear sites
o Helping to put up and take down scaffolding

Other general/unskilled labouring work includes:

o Helping to set-up party-tent and marquees for events
o Furniture removal
o Shop de-fitting
o Warehouse work 

Average Pay

Average wages for labouring in Australia are generally be between $650 and $850 a week full- time.

Tip: If you do labouring in rural areas of Australia, you will probably be paid more than you would in large cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Working rurally, especially in remote outback areas, is also a great way to save some money for your travels around Australia. 

How to Go About Getting a Labouring Job

Labouring is relatively easy to get into in Australia, but there are some things you need do before you start applying for labouring jobs.

You don’t need any formal training to be a labourer as most training is done on-site and on the job. However, you will need an OH&S General Induction Certificate (or a “White Card” as it’s more commonly known) to work on any type of construction site in Australia.
Personal Protective Equipment (or “PPE”) is mandatory on construction sites all over Australia to help minimise the risk to workers’ health and safety. PPE includes: high visibility clothing; steel-toe boots; hard hats; ear plugs; and face masks.
Tip: Before you start a job, always ask your employer what PPE will be provided and what you need to buy yourself. This way, you won’t waste money on gear that will be provided by your employer for free anyway.
Some General Requirements for Physical Manual Labour:
 o You must be physically strong (i.e. be able to lift at least 25kg).
 o Be able to listen carefully to instructions.
 o Be willing to work outdoors.
 o Be able to work as part of a team.
 o Be willing long hours.

Women and Labouring

Labouring isn’t just for men either, there are plenty of female backpackers labouring around Australia and gaining their second working holiday visa from it. One of the most popular female labouring jobs is road traffic controlling, especially in Perth and Darwin.



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