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Job opportunities for overseas-trained Hospital and Retail Pharmacists are always available in all States and Territories. Hospital pharmacists are particularly needed in remote and rural areas throughout Australia. Check out the latest job vacancies.

Read on to find the best opportunity for you.

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Note on timeframes for professionals: Register with agencies up to two years before you arrive. Apply to specific job postings no earlier than one month before you arrive.

Getting your qualifications and experience recognised

Before you can legally work as a Hospital or Retail Pharmacist in Australia, you will need to have your qualifications and experience formally recognised by the Australian Pharmacy Examining Committee (APC) — a branch of the national peak body representing pharmacists in Australia, the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC).

The assessment process for most pharmacists wishing to register in Australia is two-fold: an eligibility assessment and an examination process.

Determining your eligibility for the APEC examination

In order to be eligible to sit the examination phase of the APC assessment process, you are required to have completed at least three years of tertiary study at a recognised educational institution (i.e. hold a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy) and be registered as a Pharmacist in your licensing country. You also need some professional work experience and pass an English language proficiency test.

The APEC examination process

After your qualifications, experience and language skills are assessed, if successful, you will then begin the APEC examination process. This involves an interview, two separate examinations and a period of supervised work. Upon successful completion of this, applicants will receive the APC Certificate in Pharmacy.

For additional information on the APC assessment and examination process, or to see sample exam questions and to obtain application forms, visit the APC website.

How long will it take to get my qualifications and experience assessed?

Twelve to eighteen months is the standard duration of the entire process, provided applicants are eligible to sit the APC examinations and that they pass all exams. Be sure to start the process well in advance of your arrival. Also note this time does not include registering as a Pharmacist, which is a separate process for each Australian State and/or Territory (see below).

Note: The process for applicants with qualifications from Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK or the USA should not take as long.

Registering as a Pharmacist

Each Australian state has its own registry of pharmacists. Decide which jurisdiction(s) is best for you before starting the costly registration process. It's a good idea to Register with Agencies well in advance of arrival so that you know where to find the best opportunities.

Before registering in any state or territory, you must receive the APC Certificate in Pharmacy (see above). By fulfilling all stages of the APC assessment and examination process, you will also increase your chances of being sponsored in Australia — meaning you can live, travel and work down under for a long time! Look for available jobs now.

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