Allied Health Jobs in Australia

Working as a health professional in Australia enables you to broaden your professional horizons in one of the world's best healthcare systems. 

If you are still overseas, register with agencies up to two years before you arrive, and apply to specific job postings no earlier than one month before you arrive, to help you decide what areas have the best opportunities for you and what work visa you'll need.

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Allied Health opportunites in Australia

Allied Health professionals from overseas who wish to work in Australia have a wide range of options open to them — whether they desire permanent, temporary or locum work, in either rural or metropolitan areas. See the visas section below for more information.

There are over 90,000 Allied Health professionals currently employed in a diverse range of jobs across Australia. These professionals include:

Australia has a two tier medical system (called Medicare), with two types of employers for most allied health professionals - private and public. Once visa requirements have been fulfilled, Allied Health professionals can then decide whether they would like to work in the public or private health sectors. Browse current job vacancies now.

Note on timeframes for professionals: Register with agencies up to two years before you arrive. Apply to specific job postings no earlier than one month before you arrive.

Are Allied Health jobs in high demand in Australia?

While there are many jobs available for all types of Allied Health professionals in Australia, some specific professions are currently in very high demand, including:

With the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of healthcare in Australia, there are always exciting new Allied Health jobs and opportunities available. For the most up-to-date information on current skills shortages in Australia, visit the Professionals and other Skilled Migrants page on the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Job locations

In a country as enormous and geographically diverse as Australia, there are endless opportunities to find Allied Health jobs in both rural and metropolitan areas. While for certain professionals there are loads of jobs in rural and remote areas of Australia, for other professionals the major cities are the best places to start the job search.

In Queensland and Victoria there are plenty of jobs in both the State capitals — Brisbane and Melbourne, respectively — and in rural areas. In New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory, however, the major pull for Allied Health job seekers is currently coming from rural and remote areas.

Exciting jobs for Hospital Pharmacists in rural and remote regions

There is an extremely high demand for Hospital Pharmacists in non-metropolitan hospitals. Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a small community environment, hundreds of miles — and possibly even across a desert — from the nearest capital city? Ever considered working in an outback hospital in one of Australia's large rural centres? Look at our current job listings and start your adventure today.

Visa requirements 

Visa requirements vary depending on your country of citizenship and where you are professionally licensed.

If you come to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa or a Work and Holiday Visa you will only be able to engage in temporary work for up to six months with the same employer. If, however, you qualify for an Employer-sponsored Work Visa or a Temporary Business Visa, you may be able to find a permanent job in Australia for up to four years.

See the visas section of the Jobaroo website for further information on visa requirements and how to apply.

Will I need to register as a professional before working in Australia?

For most Allied Health professions, you will need to register with the relevant regulatory body in your field before being legally entitled to work. This process can be lengthy (sometimes requiring up to 18 months), so it is worthwhile to look into this well before you travel to Australia. Contact the Allied Health Professions Australia for more information on how to register.

Will my qualifications be recognised in Australia?

To work as an Allied Health professional in Australia you are required to have obtained a tertiary-level degree, diploma or certificate, issued by a recognised educational institution.

It is also important to note that qualifications and experience gained in certain countries and regions — such as the UK, Western Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and North America — are often preferred over others.

To land a job in Australia's healthcare sector, it is also important to have the following qualities:

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