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Australia is a significant financial hub for the Asia region. There are both permanent and temporary jobs available in Accounting, Banking and Finance in Australia. Most opportunites are in the central business districts of Sydney and Melbourne, but more recently there are a growing number of roles available in other major cites like Brisbane and Perth especially if they are related to the resources industry. For more information on where the opportunities are read below.

For many professionals seeking work in Australia from countries overseas it is a good plan to start applying and speaking with recruitment agencies in your home country who also have an office in Australia. There are also agencies in Australia that may only have an Australian presence who can help and we would recommend you get in touch with them closer to the time of your arrival.

Note on timeframes for professionals: Speak with agencies up to two years before you arrive. Apply to specific job postings no earlier than a few months before you arrive.

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You can prepare for the experience of a lifetime by reading this page and visiting our Living and Working in Australia section.

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Careers in finance and accounting, Australia

Finance and Accounting - Sydney is Australia's largest financial centre. Sixty-five percent of the Australian finance industry is located there, including the Reserve Bank, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange. Several international firms choose Sydney to centre their Asia Pacific base and the financial district is centred around Martin Place in the city centre and across the Harbour Bridge in the mini-CBD of North Sydney. Most of the banks and broking and investment houses have their offices near the Australian Stock Exchange.

Fintechs - Outside of banks, insurance and other traditional employers Australia has a rapidly expanding fintech sector like P2P lending and money transfer providers. These companies by nature are progressive and actively seek people from overseas who have this experience especially in more established markets like the UK and US. 

Accounting - If you have overseas experience you will be well-placed to find a banking and finance job or accounting job - Sydney or Melbourne are the most likely destinations, but there are also opportunities in other capital cities to help you kickstart your finance and banking career in Australia. Perth also has a growing economy that has seen a rise in the demand for qualified accountants, executives with three to six years' experience and senior assistant managers, aged 25 to 27.

Finance - Melbourne is the focus of financial and insurance services in Victoria and the most jobs are in areas such as stock broking, venture capital, fund management, banking and investment banking. Around 600 financial institutions have offices in Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD) and it is also home to the headquarters of some of two of the largest banks in Australia; National Australia Bank and ANZ.

Although most opportunities in accounting, finance and banking in Australia are permanent roles, there are definitely also Casual temp jobs in Melbourne, Sydney and other capital cities available in these industries.

Big in business - executive and admin jobs in Australia

There are huge opportunities for business professionals in Australia. Sydney is home to the Asian-Pacific headquarters of multi-national companies such as 3M, American Express, Coca-Cola Amatil, IBM, Microsoft, Mastercard, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Vodaphone. Of Australia's top 100 companies, 60% have headquarters in Sydney.

In recent years, Melbourne has also established itself as a global business centre but is more often home to small-medium sized businesses and its thriving economy welcomes and supports many different and emerging industries, providing opportunities for permanent employment in admin jobs but also casual admin temp jobs. Go here to find out more information about temporary administration and secretarial jobs.

The executive culture in Australia

For those working in business, in office admin roles or in careers in finance and accounting, presentation is extremely important so you will need to pack a suit - both men and women. Business hours are generally 8.30am/9am to 5/5.30pm with 30 minutes for lunch. Some employers are flexible with working hours, and overtime is not uncommon and even work at nights and on weekends. Business is sometimes conducted quite informally over long lunches (or if you are in Melbourne, more typically over coffee or brunch) or Friday drinks which extend into the evening. Sydney especially is alive on Friday night when the central business district gets packed when the 'suits' descend on stylish bars, clubs and restaurants.

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