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Not keen on standing behind a counter all day dealing with stressed-out shoppers? Want to use your computer and organisational skills in a busy office environment?

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There are a variety of temporary office admin jobs to suit you.

Register with recruitment agencies AND Apply to specific positions

Note on Timeframes: Register with agencies up to two years before you arrive.

Remember to get a working visa before arrival.

What is the pay like for temporary office admin jobs?

Working as a temp in Australia you will normally be paid on an hourly or daily basis. Most recruitment agencies provide a weekly payroll service for the agency who deposits your pay into your bank account. The procedure for being paid normally involves filling in a timesheet, getting it signed by your workplace manager and then faxing it to your agency.

The table below lists estimated earnings in Australia Dollars (AUD$). Note that these are city rates and that temporary admin work in regional or rural Australia may not pay as much. Also note that rates will depend on experience and can vary considerably between the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Job Title

Hourly Rate
Data Entry Clerk
Filing and Mailing Clerk
General Admin Assistant
$16 - $22

Audio typist
Project administrator

$18 - $24
Accounts Payable / Receivable
Payroll Assistand
Recorsds Management Assistant
Sales Admin Assistant
$18 - $25

Do I need qualifications to find temporary office admin jobs?

While there are a number of administrative qualifications available in Australia, don’t worry if you haven’t got one. For office admin temp jobs, ‘on the job’ experience is equally as important as qualifications, if not more.

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What are the main duties performed by office admin temps?

The sorts of daily tasks required of office admin temps vary greatly. You could expect to be required to do any of the following tasks:

In addition to experience doing any of the above, office admin temps are usually required to demonstrate the following traits:

Additional requirements of some office admin jobs in Australia include:

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