Essentials to Job Opportunities in Australia

This page will give you all the information you need to get working in Australia, from the paper work you need to understanding Aussie culture. With the information below, you won’t need to worry about being unemployed in Australia for very long.


Six Important Essentials to Employment in Australia

Below are important essentials you need to work in Australia:

1. A Working Holiday Visa

Firstly, and most importantly, you will need to get a working holiday visa. A working holiday visa is a year-long visa, with the possibility of extension, which allows you to work and travel around Australia. Click here, to find out more about how to go about getting a working holiday visa for Australia.  

2. A Tax File Number (TFN)

Getting a TFN is another really important thing to do before you start working in Australia and you will need to get it as quickly as possible. Employees without a TFN will get taxed at a massive 46.5%, so it really is worth you while getting one before you start work. Read more about how to get a TFN here 

3. An Australian Bank Account

You can open an Australian bank account online or in person. Check out this page to find out more about how banks work in Australia and how to open a bank account in Australia.  

4. Training/ Certificates

Certain jobs in Australia will require you to do a course or a certain amount of training before you can begin. For example, if you want to work in a bar, or anywhere that sells alcohol, you would need to do an RSA Course and possibly an RSG. Most of these courses can be done online and within a matter hours but can make all the difference in the world when it comes to an employer deciding who to hire. Check out our training page to see if you need to complete any courses before you begin to work in Australia.  

5. An Up-to-Date and Aussie-Ready Resume

Having an up-to-date, Aussie-ready resume is crucial to finding a job and something that many backpackers tend to overlook.Here are some important tips for getting your resume Aussie ready:

6. International or Australian Sim Card

Make sure you have an international or Australian sim card, so that potential employers can contact you about job applications and interviews. Prepay Sim cards are inexpensive and easy to find.
Tip: If you are planning on living and working in regional Australia, you should buy a Telstra sim card, as they have the best Australia-wide cell coverage. However, Telstra sim cards can only be bought at Telstra stores and you will need to bring some form of ID with you, preferably a passport.

7. Prepare for Your Job Interview (For Office and Professional Jobs)

Essential Insider Backpacker Tips

While these important points aren’t the most crucial in order to find work in Australia, and you can certainly get a job without them, they will help you out a lot and give you a distinct advantage over people who don’t:

Get Some Aussie Culture, ya mug!

If your going to be living in Australia, it's important to know a little about Australian culture. Most Australian’s are down-to-earth, modest and have a good sense of humour. They also may be a little bit more matter of fact and direct than what you’re used to. Australian culture is also very diverse, but here are some useful tips to remember:

Have Your Own Transport

Flexibility is a big factor in your ability to get seasonal work. Having your own transport will give you more opportunities to find seasonal work than not having any. If you’re travelling with a friend or have made friends in Australia, car–sharing can be a great way to save money and have your own transport.

Obviously, this isn't as important in big cities like Syndey or Melbourne. In this case you really need to have a good knowledge of public transport and how to get from one end of the city to another. You should try plan on where you're going to live around where you work and how good the public transport is in that area.

Tip: For major cities, Google Maps is a great resource for public tranportation directions.


Set Up Your own superannuation account

Superannuation is a pension fund that employers pay for Australians once they retire. Having your own superannuation account can be really useful if you plan on moving around quite a bit and working different jobs. This way you will have all your superannuation money in one account, which will make it a lot easier when it comes to claiming it all back when you return home. 

Ask Questions about the Job before You Start It

Always know what situation you are getting into. This is most important when you are looking for work in regional Australia. Things like “meals and accommodation” included can make all the difference, but you also need to know exactly what is considered a meal and exaclty what kind of accommodation you will be staying in before you go there.

Lodging could mean a shed filled with other backpackers and no air-conditioning, or it could mean a renovated room in a beautiful turn of the century house where you will get home cooked meals every day and a couple of beers after work. The same goes for meals: for example, “breakfast could simply mean cheap-brand cornflakes are provided every morning or it could mean toast, tea and coffee or even cooked breakfasts.

Here are some essential questions you should ask employers about meals and accommodation:

o What meals are included and what exactly will those meals be?
o What type of accommodation is provided? i.e. Will it be a house, a private room in your employers house, a dorm?
o How many people will I be sharing a room with?
Tip: Asking questions is also a great way to show genuine interest in the job. Ask open ended  questions first, then move on to more specific questions like the ones mentioned above.


Seven Essentials to Attitude

As a backpacker, having the right attitude is crucial when it comes to finding the right job. In the past, some backpackers have given up and gone home, simply because they didn't have the right attitude. In this section we will explain what having the right attitude means to you as a backpacker.

These are the most essential points to remember when it comes to having the right attitude:

1. Play to Your Advantage:

It's important to recognise your strengths as a backpacker and you should play to these strengths. Thereis one main reason why over 250,000 backpackers come to Australia on a working holiday and can find work:

2. Have an Open Mind:

Tip: Volunteering can be a great way to get an Australian reference - this is something that Australian employers love to see on your resume and greatly increases you cahance of getting paid work!

3. Be Willing to go That Extra Mile:

To be in with the chance of getting the job you want, don't just follow the crowds of backpackers - this won't necessarily lead you to the best job, because you will be competing with so many others for the same jobs. Want an ufair advantage? Think outside the box.
Here are some examples;

Example 1: If you want to work in small rural towns try asking around lumber yards, paint suppliers or the feed and fertiliser suppliers. Simply ask the attendant if they know of anyone who may need help. Everybody back at the backpackers will think you are a genius.

Example 2: If you really want to get a job you could offer to work a day for free - Aussies love this "give it a go" attitude and it could endear you to an employer. (Plus, if they really like you and decide to take you on, they'll will probably pay for that days work anyway or you will get a reference for your resume.)


4. Be Persistent, but Patient:

It's more than likely that you’re not going to get the first job you apply for, so persistence is key. It's also important to follow up on job applications and interview if they don't back to you within 2 to 3 working days.
Having patience is also key, as it may take some time to find a job.

5. Be Able to Network:

Talking to people and establishing contacts is another great way to find work. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. However, this can work to your advantage as a backpacker as most backpackers as usually very social and willing to help one another.
Being social has a very high level of importance in Australian culture and if your employer feels that your not getting along with co-workers it is a valid reason for dismissal.
Tip: Let everyone that you meet know you're looking for work - you never know who or what they may know.

6. Flexibility:

You will be at a distinct advantage if you are willing to be flexible and work weekends and evenings.

7. Have a Positive "Can Do" Attitude:

Australians love a "can do" or positive attitude - they tend to dislike people who moan and have a negative attitude. Aussies also love a good sense of humour. Basically the more fun you can have looking for work, the more jobs that will come your way. Wait did we just say that...You are in Australia - of course you are having fun.

Top Ways to find a Job in Australia


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