Don't leave your Tax Refund in Australia!

You worked hard in Australia - picking fruit - waiting tables - building walls... Leaving your hard earned Aussie Dollars on the table in Australia is about the last thing any self-respecting traveller should do.

Don’t let your tax refund go unclaimed!

Thousands of $$$$$ could be sitting there, waiting for you now.

Each year, travellers like you are eligible for a tax refund from the Australian government, just how much will depend on your earnings, your rate of taxation and if you paid a medicare levy.

Depending on your visa different tax rates will apply. Working holiday makers are liable to pay 15% tax on every dollar from $1 - $37000.

The percentage of tax automatically taken out and paid to the tax office by your employer can be greater than this which means for each financial year that runs until the 30th of June you can be entitled to a refund. 

Average Student tax refund remains to be about $2600.

The average superannuation refund is $1908*

*According to Taxback who help 1000s of backpackers each year

What about Superannuation?

You may not have thought about it, but in addition to income tax more than likely your employer has contributed "Super" which means you can get another refund on top of your tax refund.

If you earned more than $450 per month in Australia, then when you leave the country permanently you can claim your superannuation contributions. Consider this: In addition to the tax you pay, you employers pay about 9.5% or your income into your superannuation fund. Do the math. According to TaxBack the average superannuation refund about $1908.  

Start here, by using this tax calculator to see how much you can get.


Three options to get your tax back

  1. Use a Tax Agency
    Just like you did at home a tax agent can be helpful in making sure you get all the money that is rightfully yours. Of course, this takes a lot of hassle out of the process and can help to maximise your refund. They do charge for this service.

    Best For: People who want to maximise their returns or hate paperwork. We do recommend Taxback if you want to find out more.

  2. DIY - Online
    The Australia Tax Office (ATO) enables you to prepare and lodge your tax return online. This is a free service and is safe and secure as using a government website can be.

    However as a backpacker there can be challenges, for example the ATO needs to verify your identity before accepting your tax return lodgement. If this is your first time to lodge tax return and a temporary resident of Australia, it can be a challenge to prove your identity without previous notice of assessment (NOA) issued by ATO.

    Best For: Simple returns. For example, if you had only one employer and have your PAYG or final payslip. It is also very helpful if you have already lodged a return previously.

  3. DIY - By Mail

    You can use the individual tax return instructions to complete your tax return and lodge it by mail. Most refunds are issued within six weeks of lodgment. The individual tax return instructions contains two tax return forms and a set of instructions that explain how to fill out your tax return, section by section.

    Best For: Simple returns (see above) and those who do not have access to a computer

    Paper copies of these products are also available:


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